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The category ALAS20 company is the most important category to which a company can aspire in ALAS20 at a national level in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, since only one company in each of these countries is granted this award. This company should demonstrate leadership, consistency, and excellence in publicly disclosing information about its investor relations, sustainable development, and corporate governance practices.

The company selected in the category ALAS20 Company is determined by the Jury of ALAS20 in each country, through a process that can only be accessed by companies that have obtained the first, second or third place in the following categories:

  • Leading Company in Sustainability
  • Leading Company in Corporate Governance
  • Leading Company in Investor Relations

The winners of the following categories are not considered as potential winners in the category ALAS20 Company:

  • CEO of Leading Company in Sustainability
  • Board Member of Leading Company in Sustainability

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