Board Member of Leading Company in Sustainability


Categoría Empresas ALAS20, Board Member de Empresa Líder en Sustentabilidad


The category Board Member of Leading Company in Sustainability is reserved for those professionals who, according to the perception of diverse interest groups, demonstrate leadership in the integration of the sustainability to the businesses that they direct and control.



Deep understanding of the impact of sustainability on business strategy

The selected professional in this category should be a Board Member that integrates the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) areas into the company’s business decisions, actively identifying and communicating sustainable development opportunities to senior management and the capital market, considering the social interest of the company in corporate decision making.

Credibility for his/her role in favor of sustainability

The selected professional in this category must be a Board Member with impeccable credibility for his/her role in favor of sustainability. As the driver of the future of the company, he/she must be recognized by its peers, and by the stakeholders with which i he/she is related, for his/her genuine sustainable vocation and for establishing high standards of sustainability in his/her competitive environment.

Consideration of stakeholders in sustainable development

The selected professional in this category must be a Board Member with a focus on building excellent relationships with stakeholders, unafraid to face the challenges of business and investment that entail major corporate efforts to promote environment safeguarding, or consideration of the social and economic conditions in the company´s chain value. The Board Member must be recognized in the market for his/her leadership and knowledge of the impact of sustainable development on his/her industry.

Skills for the creation of teams oriented towards sustainability

The selected in this category must be a Board Member who is considered by other directors and by the members of the senior management, as a true leader oriented to the sustainable development of the company and its businesses. He/she must demonstrate negotiation power and sound arguments to direct the integration of sustainability programs into the production processes of his/her organization, as well as outstanding communication skills to convey to investors and the capital market the benefits of integrating sustainability into the business strategy.


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