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The public disclosure of investor relations information is an area that allows us to assess the willingness and professionalism of the company in its interaction with key players in the capital market, such as investors, financial analysts, and regulators.

The relevance of this category is that it allows us to learn about the investor relations practices of the company, by means of which the corporate market receives the information to make investment decisions and investment recommendations for third parties, among other actions that can generate an economic impact for its stakeholders.




The company´s public information must be clear, precise, timely, and relevant to the needs of its stakeholders. It should also allow access to content on operational performance at different levels, and explain how the company conducts its operations considering sustainable development. Formal channels of investor relations should facilitate the delivery of content that adds value and attracts the attention of those capital market agents seeking information from the company and the industry in which it operates..


The public information provided through the investor relations area must demonstrate a high degree of preparation and alignment with its corporate profile, particularly in the opportunity and meticulousness with which sensitive materials are disclosed to the capital market, avoiding improvisations and contradictory information.


The public information provided by the investor relations area must demonstrate how the Feedback Cycle is managed in the delivery of content to the capital market to ensure that the messages are clearly received and understood by its stakeholders. In particular, investors should be provided with information about the feedback management tools used by the company, which are available to them.


Publicly available investor relations practices should demonstrate how the company makes available technology tools such as telephone conferences, webcasts, presentations, and social networks to its stakeholders to give value to the process of disclosure of its financial results, and to delivery of non-financial information, such as ESG matters.

Presentation Style

The channels for the delivery of public information by the investor relations area must ensure that the presentation, style and content are at the service of clarity and accessibility for the investors. The quality of these channels, and the user experience when using them, should create a positive impression on the investing sector.

Nominated companies in this category will participate in ALAS20´s Technical Evaluation.


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