GovernArt and The Investor Relations Society announce the International Certificate in Investor Relations (ICIR) in Latin America

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25th May 2017, Santiago, Chile – GovernArt and The Investor Relations Society inform:

The ICIR, International Certificate in Investor Relations programme will be held in Santiago, Chile on 9th and 10th November 2017.

GovernArt and The Investor Relations Society of the United Kingdom (GovernArt / IR Society) have signed an agreement to deliver the International Certificate in Investor Relations in Latin America. The International Certificate in Investor Relations is an internationally recognised qualification for the investor relations profession.

The qualification allows successful candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the financial and market environment, and the regulatory and reporting requirements for listed companies, along with a sound understanding of the principles of investor relations, which will enable them to operate competently and safely.

The ICIR is a valuable benchmark for those already in the profession and an essential prerequisite for those seeking to work in investor relations. With 1,200 successful candidates from more than 25 countries, the ICIR is firmly established as the leading IR qualification worldwide.

To obtain the Certificate, candidates have to pass an examination comprising 60 multiple-choice questions, based on the topics set out in the syllabus.
John Gollifer, General Manager of The IR Society commented, “Obtaining the Certificate in IR provides international recognition as a qualified IR practitioner, demonstrates competence and growing expertise, and enhances career development,” adding that “the Certificate is suitable for anyone working in investor relations or related professions – for example, corporate communications and sustainability – or considering a move into investor relations”.

The ICIR currently runs in the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


About the ICIR

The agreement grants GovernArt an exclusive right to market and promote the ICIR in Chile and Latin America and to take registrations for candidates on behalf of the IR Society.

The Certificate programme will be delivered in the English language over two days, including key contents, such as: an introduction to the financial markets, equity investors and investment principles; disclosure guidance and transparency rules; corporate governance and international regulation and compliance; market valuation of a company; and key issues in communicating ESG corporate practices.

We are very honoured to work with the IR Society to bring the ICIR to Latin America. It is clear for us that the Certificate is the gold standard in terms of Investor Relations, a must for any Investor Relations Officer who aims to be at the forefront in terms of knowledge and good corporate practices in this area”, said German Heufemann, Managing Partner of GovernArt.

According to Heufemann, the Certificate represents not only a good way to update knowledge of international best practices, but also a practical course to understand the key role of investor relations and sustainability teams of Latin American companies in integrating ESG issues in corporate communications with international investors. In his view, “international investors are actively pursuing a fiduciary role and looking for long-term returns, so they are very rigorous in looking at, analysing and evaluating financial and extra-financial considerations of the companies they invest in – such as environmental, social and corporate governance matters -, which impose several challenges for the performance of effective investor relations and sustainability managers, a key piece in the delivery of timely and quality information to the capital market. ”

Heufemann also noted «In the last 2 years in Latin America we have seen how the disclosure of financial and ESG information has gone from being something desirable on the part of companies, to be a practically inescapable necessity

Faced with the changing landscape, John Gollifer also considers that «the agreement reached between GovernArt and the Investor Relations Society is a timely response to delivering a Certificate that combines a principles-based framework for IR and a practical way to give companies the knowledge and tools for the development of the IR profession. In this way, companies can benefit from having a guide to the development of their investor relations strategies, and can focus their resources where they really create value for the organization, according to their industry


About the Trainer

John Gollifer has been the General Manager and a director of the UK’s Investor Relations Society since 2012. Prior to this, John spent 11 years as Senior Vice President at the Singapore Exchange, Southeast Asia’s largest market operator, where he was responsible for investor relations, among other roles in strategy and communications. John established the IR Professionals Association of Singapore in 2006, is a multiple IR award winner and created and taught an IR course at the Singapore Management University from 2009 to 2012. Trained as a banker, John spent 15 years in Asia and Europe in corporate finance and equity capital markets. Since joining the IR Society, which works in partnership with other IR associations, John has led IR training in Dubai, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand and Turkey, as well as in the UK.


About the Investor Relations Society

The Investor Relations Society (IR Society) is a membership organisation that exists to promote best practice investor relations in the UK and beyond. It is run by IR professionals for IR professionals. Established in 1980, the IR Society’s mission is to promote best practice in investor relations; to support the professional development of its members; to represent their views to regulatory bodies, the investment community and government; and to act as a forum for issuers and the investment community.

The IR Society has c. 800 members from the UK, Europe and beyond, including representatives from most of the FTSE 100, a large number of FTSE 250 companies and a number of AIM and smaller companies as well as IR advisers and service providers. For more information visit or connect with us on Twitter (@IRSocietyUK) or LinkedIn



For more information about the International Certificate in Investor Relations to be delivered in Latin America, or to learn more about its syllabus, please contact:

Diana Rubinstein
Commercial Director

For more information about the International Certificate in Investor Relations SYLLABUS to be delivered in Latin America, please read the following:



Principles of Investor Relations

  • Introduction to IR
  • How does IR interact with financial markets
  • Why companies need IR
  • Managing expectations
  • What makes a successful IR function
  • The scope of IR


  • What is a limited company and how does this affect the role of IR
  • Shares and shareholders
  • Debt and equity
  • Directors and board structure
  • How are companies regulated
  • The reporting calendar and disclosure requirements
  • The “Comply or Explain” principle

Financial Markets

  • Global financial markets
  • What are they and how do they work
  • Key participants, what are their requirements, how do they interact
  • How are they regulated
  • Advisors and professional services
  • Understanding the financial jargon

Stock Exchanges

  • What is the role of a stock exchange
  • London & New York Stock Exchanges
  • How does it work
  • Market statistics
  • Indices
  • Stockbrokers & securities houses
  • International stock exchanges and other markets

Equity Investors and Investment Principles

  • What does it mean to be a shareholder
  • Private investors
  • Institutional investors & SRI investors
  • Fund managers and their requirements
  • Role of analysts
  • Shareholder identification
  • Other forms of funding: Debt, Private Equity, Sovereign wealth funds



  • Understand the legal compliance requirements
  • Discover how they are best applied in practice
  • A structured overview of key areas of UK and US regulation disclosure requirements
  • An update on recent UK and EU legislation and forthcoming changes
  • Principles of regulation
  • What is inside information
  • Fair disclosure (reg FD and European requirements)
  • Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules
  • Corporate governance


Day 1 concludes with an informal Q&A session to include the practical aspects of introduction to IR and financial markets.




Demystifying Company Accounts
Review of financial statements:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow
  • How they are produced, why they are needed, how they inter-relate, users, their relevance and limitations.

The Components of a Balance Sheet

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Working capital cycle
  • Sources of capital and funding, gearing

The Components of an Income Statement

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Why profit does not equal cash

Cash Flow Statements

  • How to read cash flow statements, why they are useful
  • Cash inflows, outflows, where it is generated?
  • Free cashflow


Analysis and valuation

  • How financial ratios can be used effectively to help you understand profitability, liquidity and gearing
  • Interpreting a company’s performance and financial position, not reading the numbers
  • Introduction to investment concepts

Analyzing financial performance

  • Funding and gearing
  • Profitability

Fundamental concept of discounted cashflow

  • What are the factors considered
  • Use of discount factors
  • Weighted average cost of capital


Risk vs Return

  • What is risk
  • How is it measured
  • Link to returns
  • Investors risk appetite
  • Portfolio diversification

Business strategy

  • Key issues
  • How to communicate (Communication Tools and Techniques)
  • The Strategic Report (FRC –UK)
  • Introduction to valuation methods
  • How all of the theories combine
  • Comparison between most common methods



  • The IR programme and typical annual cycle
  • Managing day to day relationships – internal and external
  • Investor targeting and shareholder identification
  • Organizing presentations and roadshows
  • Providing earnings guidance
  • Dealing with analysts
  • Managing expectations and consensus estimates
  • Board reporting
  • IR during a crisis
  • Handling bad news
  • Measuring the value of IR – KPIs


Note: This is an indicative schedule and may be subject to change or to be updated


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